3-186 A Instructions guide.

 Falconer registration.

Before submitting any report by a falconer, a federal id has to be created for each valid permit holder.  To create a federal id, the falconer has to register into the system through the electronic form as shown in the below image.  (*) are required fields.
Before registering into the system the falconer state issued permit number should be active. If the state permit is expired then falconer needs to contact their state agency to renew it before registering into the system. Otherwise the system will not allow any expired permit holder to register and to generate a unique Federal ID. Website link http://migbirdapps.fws.gov/falconry

To get a federal Identifier, click the link “here” from the main page (Refer below picture).

Main Page

Enter all the required information to get a Federal Identifier.
Use valid information as it will be verified with our database.

(If your permit number is issued in a specific format, enter in that format)
If you receive any error message refer to the Error message at the bottom of the page.

If the information does not match our database the Federal ID will not be generated. P.S Do not use any Nick name or short name

If the registration is successful, a unique federal id will be generated by the system

1. Log into the system with your Federal ID, User id and Password. Federal ID should include “FED”

2. Instructions.

Successful login will direct you to the main page with the instruction to fill the

3-186 form

3. 3-186 a Data entry.

Click the “3-186 data entry” from the menu bar. You must make a selection to enter the 3-186. Form will be displayed with the required fields to be entered. Also the falconer information will be auto filled and it will not be editable.

Transfer with the breeder or propagator.

If you purchase a bird from the breeder or propagator and want to report to the FWS system you need to have the breeder's permit number. Propagator or Breeder’s permit number has to be entered as MB-###### (Letter MB, Hyphen’ – ‘, and 6 digit numbers only) with correct last name and first name. Otherwise system will not work.

P.S Do not use any Nick name or preferred name.

4. Enter all the required information and then click “continue” button at the bottom of the page. This will direct to the page to verify the information. If all the information’s are correct then click “Submit to FWS” button at the bottom of page.
If you receive any error message refer to the Error message at the bottom of this page.

Text Box: The above example is for Released.    Confirmation message pop up that the information is submitted to US Fish and wildlife.



5. Previous reports:
To list previously submitted report click on “submitted Report”. To print or save the report in PDF document click PRINT at the right end of the each row.

6. Change your Contact information:

7. Change Password:

To change password, enter Federal ID, Userid and click Next.  You will be asked to enter the answer to the hint question selected at the time of registration.
(Federal ID should include the letters FED)

Enter the answer to the secret question. If answer to the secret question is correct you will be directed to the page to enter new password.

After changing your password, you must log in to the system with your new password.

Error Message:

  1. State/Permit/Class do not match
  1. Sender permit or receiver permit do not match.

License type is Falconry:

  • Verify the sender or receiver state issued permit number format.
  • Check the license holder’s full name.
  • Verify the sender or receiver’s name is not spelled with preferred name or nick name or short name.

License type is propagator or breeder:

  • Enter the propagator or breeder permit number in this format MB-11111 (letters MB Hyphen (-) 6 digit numbers only)
  • Verify the propagator or breeder name is not spelled with preferred name or nick name or short name.

License type is Abatement or Rehabilitator:

Online 3-186 reporting system do not have information for the above permit holder to validate. Therefore a paper copy should be submitted for any transfer with the above permit holders.